Sociology of Sustainability and Development

Associated Doctoral Faculty

  • Johanna Reed Adams
  • Jere Gilles (program coordinator)
  • Mary Hendrickson
  • Stephen Jeanetta
  • David O’Brien
  • Hua Qin
  • Sandy Rikoon
  • Judith Stallman
  • Corinne Valdivia

Knowledge and Skills of Graduates

Graduates will have an excellent foundation in research methods and in the social study of development with special reference to issues related to food and natural resources. This knowledge will permit them to teach, to research and to carry out programs related to these areas. Graduates will be able to analyze problems related to sustainability and development and come up with solutions that are grounded in sound methodology and social theory. They will have the skills to communicate this to students and stake holders as well as to their academic peers.

Graduates from this emphasis area will be able to pursue careers in academic departments of rural and applied sociology, applied social sciences, environmental studies and agriculture and food studies. Others will find employment in community development agencies, government or the private sector depending on their research and their course specialization