Society and Ecosystems Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Society and Ecosystems intends to educate students about the complex and dynamic interactions between human activities and natural ecosystems. Understanding those interactions is essential for achieving sustainable development.

Through training and research, the Society and Ecosystems certificate program uniquely prepares future scientists, educators and resource managers for careers with private and public organizations.

This certificate is for graduate or professional students who fit the following criteria:

  • Students who are in a graduate or professional program in their specialization area.
  • Students who have undergraduate or graduate training in natural and social sciences.
  • Students who desire to learn through interdisciplinary studies, including social sciences, natural sciences and humanities.

Program Study Areas and Requirements

To earn the Society and Ecosystems certificate, students must complete 12 credit hours toward the certificate. All students are required to take the following core courses:

  • Six credits from a department or unit other than the one in which the student is enrolled.
  • A three-credit interdisciplinary course on the human dimensions of ecosystem management.
  • Three credits of a research seminar in Society and Ecosystems.

Certificate Process and Policies

For certificate program processes and policies, please refer to:


The admissions process varies by whether a student enrolls in a degree program and seeks a certificate to enhance his or her degree program experience or whether the student is a certificate-only student. The University of Missouri Office of Graduate Studies facilitates the admissions process.

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