Hospitality Management

Associated Faculty

  • Amanda Alexander
  • Seonghee Cho
  • Dae-Young Kim (program coordinator)
  • Pei Liu
  • Lincoln Marshall
  • Mauro Palmero
  • Eliza Tse

Knowledge and Skills of Graduates

Graduates from Hospitality Management (HM) focus area in Food and Hospitality Systems will have an understanding of hospitality management concepts as well as core concepts in individual and organizational behaviors, and be able to relate them to real problems of marketing, human resource management, strategic management and financial planning at the levels of the organization and the industry. Students will be introduced to quantitative and qualitative analytic methods to develop a research toolkit that they can use to examine a variety of research topics. The goal of the HM focus area is to produce preeminent scholars who can contribute to research and industry sectors in the hospitality and tourism. To reach the high level of competency, graduates will be trained to have critical thinking that enables them to formulate unique research ideas. Graduates are also expected to have the skill to communicate concepts, theories and their research findings effectively with students, colleagues, industry practitioners or policy makers.

Graduates of this program will be marketable to academic programs in hospitality and tourism management, business school, park and leisure studies or consumer and retailing, as well as to industry or government, depending on the student’s specific choice of cognate area and research.

MS Degree Program (total 30 hours)

Please refer to Degree Requirements in HM track.

PhD Degree Program (total 72 hours)

Please refer to Degree Requirements in HM track.


The Qualifying Examination process will be set by a student’s Doctoral Degree Program Committee and will be administered after the first year of course work. To fulfill the PhD Qualifying Exam, a student’s academic competencies and research agenda must be presented to and approved by the student’s Committee. The Comprehensive Examination will be at the end of required coursework and prior to the oral defense of the dissertation proposal. The Comprehensive Examination must be completed at least seven months before the final dissertation defense.