Community and Leadership Development

Associated Faculty

  • Adam Cletzer
  • Mary Hendrickson (program coordinator)
  • Stephen Jeanetta
  • David O’Brien
  • Hua Qin
  • Johanna Reed Adams
  • Jon Simonsen

Knowledge and Skills of Graduates

Graduates will understand core concepts in the disciplines of leadership development, engagement, community development, and social change. Graduates will be capable of applying course concepts to solve dynamic, complex, real-world problems in the context of the agricultural industry, non-profit sector, organizations, and communities. Additionally, graduates will be made familiar with quantitative and qualitative research methods for the purpose of becoming better consumers of social science research, as well as ensuring the creation evidence-based programming.

The goal of this program is to develop agricultural and community change agents who will work, both individually or as part of an organization, to assist communities and organizations in solving the challenging problems of our time in the realms of food systems, health crises, economic development, educational attainment, and workforce development. Graduates will be guided by distinguished faculty from the Rural Sociology, Agricultural Education & Leadership, and Agricultural Economics programs; they will be prepared for careers in academia, nonprofits, state and local public agencies, extension, leadership training and development, and human resources.