Agricultural Education and Extension

Associated Doctoral Faculty

  • Anna Ball
  • Adam Cletzer
  • Bryan Garton
  • Leon Schumacher
  • Jon Simonsen (program coordinator)
  • Marshall Stewart
  • John Tummons

Knowledge and Skills of Graduates

Graduates will have a thorough understanding of teaching and learning with an in depth knowledge of educational theory in relation to all age groups of learners. Additionally, the program provides in depth tailored study in leadership, program planning, and evaluation. Upon completion students will be able to conduct rigorous and impactful social sciences research.

Students completing the degree will be strategically positioned for careers in formal academic settings, non-formal education settings, curriculum development, program planning, and evaluation. Graduates will be the next leaders and potential change agents as university faculty, educational administrators, and quality researchers.

For information on graduate assistantships, please contact Jon Simonsen,

Doctoral Course of Study