Agricultural Education Degree

The Agricultural Education and Leadership program strives to develop professionals, change agents and scholars. Graduates from the Agricultural Education and Leadership program are prepared to serve as educators, communicators and leaders in the public and private sectors.

Careers for Agricultural Education and Leadership graduates may include:


Ag Education Courses: Courses for Agricultural Education and Leadership


The program structures education based on student needs and career goals. As a result, students can individualize their degree programs by choosing an emphasis in teacher certification or leadership.

Teacher Certification Emphasis

With a Teacher Certification emphasis, students receive the training that they need to teach agriculture in public schools and fulfill state teacher certification requirements. The curriculum exposes students to education and leadership theories and models, different cultures and communities, multiple agriculture industry sectors and strategies to deliver instruction and assess learning.

Students who graduate with the Teacher Certification emphasis will have the skills to plan, deliver and assess classroom instruction; adapt to varied learning styles; communicate well; advise students; apply educational technologies; build relationships within schools and communities; and develop curriculum.

Communications and Leadership Emphasis

Students who select the Communications and Leadership emphasis hone their leadership, communication and human relation skills and gain broad knowledge of agriculture, food and natural resources topics. The curriculum emphasizes studying leadership, understanding diverse agriculture subject matter, learning about psychology and appreciating diversity.

Graduates who focus their studies within the Communications and Leadership emphasis have the ability to apply their leadership skills in workplace settings, evaluate plans and strategies, communicate well, address problems with sound solutions and cultivate professional relationships with key stakeholders.

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