Message from the Division Director

Alumni routinely ask me, “What can I do to help my former degree program?” You might be surprised to learn that one of the most powerful ways alumni can help is by recruiting future Tigers to Mizzou.

When you have a chance, share stories of your favorite college experience with young people. The memory you describe doesn’t have to be an on-campus experience. Although telling a story of a favorite teacher is helpful, sharing with a high school student about how Mizzou helped you to evolve as an individual is also an important story to communicate.

Through recruitment and educating our students, everyone shares the same goal — that is, the stronger the Mizzou Tiger alumni network, the better for Missouri. And, along the way to developing future Tigers, let’s all work to take a few high school students away from becoming future jayhawks (italics justified)!

With respect to the learning environment, I have always wondered what teaching innovations would occur when the collective brain power of teachers, researchers and extension specialists considered remote learning. I no longer wonder, as all Mizzou teaching is now remote for the time being.

Since the transition to online learning, I’ve heard inspiring stories of the student-teacher remote learning experiences. The college experience will be forever changed – perhaps for the best. I’ve heard a number of stories about teachers who were previously unfamiliar with remote learning and who have stepped up to be creative with remote teaching. These same teachers tell me students are enjoying this opportunity to share with teachers about how to effectively use technology. Another advantage is that the online environment allows students to express their ideas using a format — oral or written — with which they feel most comfortable.

We face an unprecedented challenge across the nation but our faculty, staff and students are rising to the occasion and responding with grit and ingenuity. Importantly, we know a Mizzou education continues to confer great benefits, no matter if students attend in-person classes or are learning online.


Joe Parcell

Division Director