Message from the Division Director

I’m happy to have spring 2022 here. For the past two years, spring has been different, but Mizzou now feels back to normal.

Since the pandemic started, we have learned a lot about how to teach online, host virtual meetings and collaborate through our electronic devices and tools. That said, I’m enjoying the chance now to attend more and more in-person meetings and events.

When we meet face to face, I get the chance to talk with colleagues, alumni, employers of our graduates and friends of the Division. During these interactions, I’m often asked to explain the Division of Applied Social Sciences. Here’s how I like to describe our work.

In our Division, we study people’s behavior; their decision-making; and how those behaviors and decisions affect businesses, individuals, families or society. We like to say that the world is our lab.

For students enrolled in our degree programs and classes, our teachers work with them to enhance their problem-solving skills and develop competencies in service, experience or satisfaction.

Our research is anchored to understanding the costs and benefits of decisions and how to implement effective decision-making. Divisional research faculty help U.S., state and local policymakers consider the effects of laws and regulations. Others publish research findings that make their way into the classroom to enhance teaching practices, the board room to illuminate strategic planning or the workplace to help frontline workers and middle managers improve organizational operations.

In our extension work, our faculty lead programs designed to spur more economic activity, help businesses and communities to understand their opportunities and challenges and provide knowledge and insights to inform decision-making.

You can follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the Division’s latest impacts.

I hope you, too, enjoy this spring, and please keep in touch.

Joe Parcell