Message from the Division Director

The Mizzou campus is preparing for a post-pandemic pivot to the new normal. We have learned a lot. The most popular abbreviation in learning this academic year has been F2F, which stands for face-to-face. The new normal is likely to include classes and meetings offered simultaneously F2F and virtually to expand accessibility for all learners. For some employees, remote work has yielded additional work productivity and a schedule that better accommodates work/life balance. The Division of Applied Social Sciences is a leader in plotting a future course to adapt to social changes resulting from the pandemic.

Whether it be in the high school classroom, in the boardroom, on the farm, in the business, related to travel and tourism or around the kitchen table planning out personal finances, the persons of Applied Social Sciences are in search of best practices. I’m happy to welcome the alumni, students and faculty of Personal Financial Planning (PFP) to the Division effective July 1, 2021. Formerly in the College of Human and Environmental Sciences, PFP strengthens the Division’s rich applied management focus, which crisscrosses the rural and urban divide. Healthy lives and healthy communities begin with a healthy understanding of home, business and public finances.

The PFP program adds five faculty to the Division. I invite persons to learn about the PFP faculty. This program represents more than 100 undergraduate majors and more than 30 graduate students. The PFP program also offers certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Following the reopening of campus from the pandemic and when traveling through Columbia, I encourage all alumni and friends to stop and visit your favorite teacher of the past. If you are unsure how to reach the person or wonder of their whereabouts, then feel free to reach out to me.


Joe Parcell