About DASS

Joe ParcellWelcome to the Division of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) at the University of Missouri. I joined the division in 1998 as an agricultural economics faculty member. Since my arrival, I have had the chance to pursue many opportunities that range from working with University of Missouri Extension, directing the college’s value added center, collaborating in interdisciplinary research, teaching courses both in the classroom and online and serving as advisor chair at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

I’m thankful for the thousands of CAFNR alumni I have met. Many are former students with which I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences. I’m equally thankful for the welcomes that Missourians give me on the street or in every school, community and business that I visit. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep passion for agriculture; agribusinesses; Missouri; Mizzou; and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. I’m proud to now lead the division. And, I’m proud to know that our division’s teachers, staff and students are proud to be part of the University for Missouri.

Let me share some background information about the division. DASS is one of six academic units in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. It strives to educate, empower and engage the people who lead and work in our food and agriculture system and rural communities. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Through research, teaching and extension, we progress our world by advancing sustainability, supporting decision-makers, shaping policy and sharing knowledge.

Please feel free to stop and visit the division no matter if you are a citizen, former student, parent or student who is interested in studying at Mizzou. You won’t be disappointed by what you find or who you meet on our campus or in our division.

Joe Parcell
Director, Division of Applied Social Sciences