Community and Organizational Studies

Community and organizational studies has been a consistent focus at MU. It was one of the department's original course offerings. That area of specialization continues to attract quality faculty and students to the department.

The history of rural sociology reflects a persistent interest in studies of rural community life. Numerous research studies have shown the importance of community in support of families, health, mental health and innovations in agriculture.

Faculty and graduate students in Rural Sociology at MU have participated in many of the most noteworthy community studies, including the changing role of rural churches and rural health care and community attachment and depression. Departmental faculty members' current research interests in the area include the effect of community social capital on school achievement, the changing rural village in post-Soviet Russia, community leadership and community-based intervention programs designed to deal with massive community unemployment and at-risk families and youth.

In addition to university research, teaching and Extension positions, graduates work in social service agencies dealing with community problems and international agencies providing assistance to rural communities.