Science and Agricultural Journalism Tracks

Science Journalism Track

Our newest focus area, established in 2011, is designed for students who want to learn to communicate about science. This could include reporting for an online or print science magazine, such as Popular Mechanics or Discover, or doing public relations work for a corporation or government organization involved in animal or human health, energy, nanotechnology, engineering, biotechnology, computational science or pharmaceuticals.

The courses in our Science Journalism Track are pulled from a diverse set of disciplines such as Geology, Physics, Natural Resources, Rural Sociology, Genetics, English and Psychology. In addition, several specific Science and Agricultural Journalism courses (Explaining Research, Field Reporting on the Food System and Environment, Current Issues in Science Journalism) are required.

Students in this track complete the same wide range of journalism courses in the Missouri School of Journalism as any Science and Agricultural Journalism major.

Students interested in the Science Journalism Track can contact the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program.