Science and Agricultural Journalism Tracks

Conservation and Environmental Sciences Track

A new focus area in the MU Science and Agricultural Journalism Program allows students to pursue studies aimed at a career in writing about conservation and the environment.

The Conservation and Environmental Sciences Track prepares students for careers writing about the environment, conservation and nature. From climate change, endangered species and clean water to wildlife, forestry and outdoor activities — students in this track will gain an understanding of the complex issues on these beats and the complex job of communicating about them.

The Conservation and Environmental Sciences Track includes a specialized course in Field Reporting and a trip to the annual national meeting of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a non-advocacy group. Other courses within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources in this track include Introduction to Environmental Science; Ecology and Renewable Resource Management; Introduction to Meteorology; Climates of the World; Soils and the Environment; Environmental Economics and Policy; and Water Quality and Natural Resources Management.

Students in this track complete the same wide range of journalism courses in the Missouri School of Journalism as any Science and Agricultural Journalism major.

Students interested in the Conservation and Environmental Sciences Track can contact the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program.