Science and Agricultural Journalism Tracks

Agricultural Science Track

A new focus area in the MU Science and Agricultural Journalism Program allows students to pursue studies aimed at a career in journalism focusing on plant science, animal science and food science.

The Ag Science Track prepares students for careers in the news media, agricultural industry, government and other sectors where an in-depth knowledge of plants, animals and food is in high demand along with specialized skills in writing, multimedia and other forms of communication.

The Ag Science Track includes courses within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources in Plant Growth and Culture; Genetics of Ag Plants and Animals; Animal Science; Global Animal Agriculture; Food Science and Nutrition; Meat Classification, Grading and Judging; Elements of Food Microbiology; and Principles of Meat Science.

Students in this track complete the same wide range of journalism courses in the Missouri School of Journalism as any Science and Agricultural Journalism major.

Students interested in the Agricultural Science Track can contact the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program.