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Sonja Hillgren

Sonja Hillgren
(Photo courtesy of Farm Journal, copyright Bachrach)

In remembrance of Sonja Hillgren, Farm Journal is funding an experience for journalism students that will allow her spirit to live on.

The Sonja Hillgren/Farm Journal Ag Journalism Field Reporting Institute is the backbone of "Field Reporting on Food and Natural Resources," a Science and Agricultural Journalism course in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

As an alumna and long-time supporter of the University of Missouri and its School of Journalism, Sonja saw great value in this Institute's mission.

She applauded the pilot year of this Institute and its efforts to get students in the field to practice their craft. She also liked the opportunity for students to interact with practicing journalists who take part in this three-day, expedition-style trip.

The Institute explores the vast scientific, economic and social changes under way in U.S. agriculture and their impact on the food supply and the environment.

Students meet, learn from and interview leading researchers, government officials, food industry representatives, farmers and others—out in the fields, on the rivers and at the facilities where these issues take shape.

Field Reporting Institute, September 2008

Sonja Hilgren

Field Reporting Institute, September 2007

Inaugural MU Field Reporting Institute, September 2006

More Information For Supporters

With your support, this Institute will be able to grow and offer an expanded perspective of the industry that Sonja covered for more than 30 years, including the addition of a policy component to its curriculum.

To show your commitment to the Sonja Hillgren/Farm Journal Ag Journalism Field Reporting Institute, contact the Office of Advancement.

Registration Details For Students

Want to gain field reporting experience in current agriculture, environment and natural resource issues?

Sci_Ag_J 4414: Field Reporting in Food and the Environment (Lec 1)

This three-credit-hour course is centered on a three-day, expedition-style field trip across Missouri focused primarily on writing about the human, political, economic, science and environmental dimensions of the Missouri River. Trip expenses will be partially paid. It is offered in the fall semester only.

If you would like to register, contact Bill Allen.

All MU students welcome, but sophomore standing and consent of instructor required. Counts as a Journalism elective for Science and Agricultural Journalism majors. Grad students welcome — contact Bill Allen about provisions for enrolling.

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