Agricultural Education
Program Planning Handbook for Missouri Schools

Handbook logo of Venn diagram showing Instruction, Leadership Development and Supervised Agricultural Experience

The Program Planning Handbook for Missouri Schools is available in a PDF format as 13 separate chapters. Selected chapters have individual forms available in Word and Excel formats.

Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 1: Program Philosophy and Objectives (PDF)

Chapter 2: Advisory Committee (PDF)

Chapter 3: Agriculture, Community, Student and Graduate Information (PDF)

Chapter 4: Course Selection: Descriptions, Rationales and Rotations (PDF)

Chapter 5: Course of Study: Competency Profiles and Instructional Calendars (PDF)

Chapter 6: Student Assessment and Evaluation (PDF)

Chapter 7: Summer Program (PDF)

Chapter 8: Experiential Learning (Supervised Agricultural Experience Program) (PDF)

Chapter 9: FFA Chapter Program of Activities (PDF)

Chapter 10: Adult Education (PDF)

Chapter 11: Instructional Facilities, Equipment, and Inventory Management (PDF)

Chapter 12: Instructional Personnel (PDF)

Chapter 13: Program Evaluation (PDF)

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