Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education and Leadership

To obtain a doctoral degree, a student must follow the general regulations of the MU Office of Graduate Studies and the requirements established by the department of agricultural education.

Total Credit Hours: A total of 72 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree must be completed. The student's doctoral program committee must approve all course work used to satisfy the credit-hour requirement and may require additional course work beyond the minimum.

Transfer of Credit: The doctoral program committee may recommend that a specific number of hours in a master's degree be transferred toward the total hours required for the doctoral degree and that additional hours be transferred for continued graduate work completed at the University of Missouri-Columbia or elsewhere. The committee may recommend that courses taken through MU's Extension division be counted toward the credit-hour requirement.

Extension or correspondence course work from institutions other than MU may not be used to meet the total hours required for the doctoral degree.

Concentrations: Students should complete 12 credit hours of course work that focuses on developing an area of expertise. The student's doctoral program committee will approve, on an individual basis, specific areas and content of concentrations. Concentrations may include, but are not limited to, Teacher Education, Extension Education, and/or Communications/Journalism. There is also a minor in College Teaching that is approved by the University.

Doctoral Candidacy and Continuous Enrollment: Candidacy is maintained by enrolling in Ag Ed Ld 9090 - Research for two credit hours each fall and winter semester and for one credit hour each summer session up to and including the term in which the dissertation is defended.

Continuous enrollments provide access to an adviser's support, doctoral program committee guidance, and University research facilities for completion of the dissertation. Failure to continuously enroll in AG ED LD 9090 - Doctoral Research until the doctoral degree is awarded terminates candidacy.

Examinations: Candidacy for a doctoral degree is established by passing the comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination includes written and oral sections and is completed as the candidate is completing the prescribed coursework.

The program for the doctoral degree must be completed within five years of passing the comprehensive examination. Upon completion of the dissertation research project, the candidate defends the dissertation before his/her doctoral research committee.

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