Agricultural Education and Leadership: Online Master's Degree

Master of science in agricultural leadership, communication and education (M.S.)

There are several avenues in which a student can complete a M.S. degree without taking a traditional "live" or "on-campus" course. A student may also opt to take a mix of distance and on-campus classes. Please note there is no online or distance options for teacher certification in agricultural education. Those courses are only on-campus courses. The following outlines the online/distance options.


Online Coursework

There is enough online coursework options to complete a M.S. in agricultural leadership, communication and education, between what we offer at Mizzou and what is offered through our partners in AG*IDEA (see below). Also, all core courses for the M.S. in Agricultural Education and Leadership are offered through these options and on a regular basis.

First, you can take courses taught by Mizzou, if the course is approved to be a part of your program of study. The department teaches some of the courses, but other units (such as the College of Education) also teach online courses. Standard campus tuition applies; fees may apply, but those fees should be spelled out when you enroll.


Our department is a member of the Agricultural Education Division of AG*IDEA, a consortium of universities who share courses. In other words, you may take some courses from other universities, but your degree is through Mizzou. These courses are taught by faculty from other AG*IDEA universities.

When you enroll for courses taught through AG*IDEA, you enroll through Mizzou, using Mizzou course numbers. Once you are enrolled, the teaching institution will share how to access their online course system. If you enroll in an AG*IDEA course taught by an institution other than Mizzou, you are subject to a common price in regard to tuition. Please check with your faculty to determine if a course offered on AG*IDEA through Mizzou is applicable to your program of study.

Enrollment information for online courses (both those through Mizzou and AG*IDEA) can be found at Mizzou Online. Specific information can be found by searching for a course.

Teacher Inservice Options

For our practicing high school agriculture teachers, you can also supplement your M.S. degree program by taking inservice courses. These courses are coordinated through Missouris Agricultural Education Professional Development Specialist, housed at Mizzou. There are several institutes offered throughout the year (mostly in the summer).

You are limited to a maximum of 8 credits of Inservice (Ag Ed 7350) coursework in the M.S. degree program. In addition, for first and second year agriculture teachers, you can take up to 4 credits through the Induction Program. Enrollment instructions are shared through the participation in the program using Ag Ed 8351 and 8352.

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