Organizational Economics


This program provides a coherent area of study for preparing students for academic careers in applied economics, management, and related cognate fields; and for careers in government and industry. The program is based upon a set of courses offered in the Department that support MS and PhD training in microeconomic theory, institutional and neo-institutional economics, and organizational economics. These core courses are augmented by courses in qualitative and quantitative methods and a cognate area that supports the student’s research. The cognate area is chosen in consultation with the major advisor and committee input.

Knowledge and Skills of Graduates

Graduates from this EA will have a strong foundational understanding of micro economic concepts as well as core concepts in organizational and institutional economics that are relevant to understanding the structure, organization, governance, and performance of economic enterprise at the levels of the firm, the market and the value chain. Graduates will be exposed to quantitative and qualitative analytic tools, and develop skills in applying those tools to problems in the organization of business and industry. Graduates will be able to ask, and answer, interesting questions and to identify solutions in developing answers that are rooted in sound economic thinking. Graduates will have the skills to communicate concepts and key findings effectively, whether with students, academic peers, industry professionals, or policy makers.
Graduates of this program will be marketable to academic programs in colleges of business, agriculture, or arts & sciences, as well as to government or industry, depending on the student’s specific choice of cognate area and research.

Faculty Associated With This Emphasis Area

  • Dr. Michael Sykuta (program coordinator), contracting, strategy, law and economics
  • Dr. Michael Cook, cooperatives, strategy, collective action
  • Dr. Harvey James, applied ethics, research methodology, institutions and organizations
  • Dr. Joe Parcell, value-added business, marketing
  • Dr. Randall Westgren, entrepreneurship, strategy